Basalt Grey

Included in the Fusion collection, Basalt Grey is inspired by basalt rock just like the other models in the Basalt range of the same collection.

Basalt Grey is different from our Basalt Black as the tone is not as dark with greyish dilution which perfectly combines with all of the other models in the same range.

20mm:Satin 3,2X1,6m
12mm: Satin, Silk 3,2X1,6m
6mm: Satin, Silk 3,2X1,5m
3mm: Satin 3,6X1,2m

Alla tjocklekarna kan fås i mindre format tex:
1,5X1,5m, 1,5X0,75m, 0,75X0,75m etc.
Vi tillverkar det format du vill ha!



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