La Boheme B01/B02

The B02 version of La Bohème is presented with a set of lines and knots in a more subtle and homogeneous way t

han the B01 version of this décor. Bohemian, rustic, Provencal and rough looking, La Bohème B02 can be used for both kitchen tops and islands as well as for cladding and flooring. 
Striking and strong, both versions of La Bohème respond to the latest trends in design without compromising the durability of the surface.

12mm: Natural Honed 3,2X1,6m
6mm: Natural Honed 3,2X1,5m

Alla tjocklekarna kan fås i mindre format tex:
1,5X1,5m, 1,5X0,75m, 0,75X0,75m etc.
Vi tillverkar det format du vill ha!



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