The Neolith Marfil model stands out due to the light creamy tone of the background and the low concentration of clear veins. The neutral tone means this model is the ideal candidate for use on large surfaces. It may be combined with a large variety of materials and architectural elements.

Ivory from the Classtone Collection is inspired by natural Ivory Cream marble of the highest quality, obtained from the internationally renowned El Coto quarries (Alicante,Spain).

Available in two different finishes (Silk and Polished), it provides an alternative solution for those who love natural stone as it offers the technical and mechanical characteristics inherent to Sintered Compact Surfaces.

6mm: Silk 3,2X1,5m

Alla tjocklekarna kan fås i mindre format tex:
1,5X1,5m, 1,5X0,75m, 0,75X0,75m etc.
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