Textil White

Textil White carefully replicates the design of the interwoven fibers found in fabric to create interesting textures and sensations that are pleasing to the eye and touch. This model offers pureness to rooms with the soft white tone.

The Textil collection combines the aesthetics with the innate features of our Sintered Compact Surfaces which make it possible to integrate this never-before-seen type of decoration in certain uses such as countertops, flooring and façades.

Neolith thus experiments with the linen concept with the two models in this collection (Textil White and Textil Black), presenting them in a Satin finish to embellish any interior or exterior space with a distinguished and delicate aura.

6mm: Satin 3,2X1,5m & 3,6X1,2m
3mm: Satin 3,6X1,2m

Alla tjocklekarna kan fås i mindre format tex:
1,5X1,5m, 1,5X0,75m, 0,75X0,75m etc.
Vi tillverkar det format du vill ha!


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