The Lariza Building is one of those buildings built in the 70s, located in the business area of Tres Cantos (Madrid), which has recently undergone a major aesthetic transformation, as a result of a interesting remodeling project to provide the building with a refreshed and functional air.

To make this possible, Hector Ruiz (the architect of the building renovation) used Neolith, the revolutionary new product category that is born in the last decade to meet the most demanding architectural and design needs. The Sintered Compact Surface with large format and minimum thickness that thanks to its versatility, is suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications in the commercial and residential area: flooring, cladding, kitchen and bathroom countertops, furniture or façades.

Thanks to its refined aesthetics inspired by the various natural stones, the Neolith Fusion Collection has been chosen to dress the interior and exterior of the Lariza Building. As a coating of the building, the Basalt Black model has been integrated on the interior and exterior walls. A model in dark tone inspired by the natural volcanic basaltine which provides alternatives to modern architecture given its different textures and finishes. As a counterpoint, the Arena model has been applied on the floor of the building to bring more light into the space. Both models perfectly combine with the wooden stairs and the metalic and glass window structure that has been preserved, creating a very definite atmosphere thanks to the mixture of styles and neutral colors used. The Arena model has also been integrated entirely in bathrooms, conferring purity for its elegant beige hue and its soft drawing that characterizes it.

The Lariza project is a clear example of the Neolith’s versatility where the same material is used in the same building for flooring, cladding, doors and vanities in the bathroom space; using the 3 mm thickness for indoors cladding, 6 mm for flooring and 12 mm for the bathroom countertop. In total, 300 m2  of Neolith installed on the original existing artificial stone, using the maximum available size of 3,600 x 1,200 mm and cut to size for the baths’ coating. Neolith also stands out for its incredible technical and mechanical properties: high resistance to wear, scratching and high temperatures proving to be a highly suitable material for applications in a high traffic area as is this office building.

Its lightness and large format, make it ideal for remodeling projects, enabling it to be placed directly on the previously existing material and avoiding demolitions and therefore saving on costs and handling times. Due to its 100% natural composition, its color does not vary over time when being exposed to UV-rays thanks to the pigments used in its manufacturing process.

Neolith presents itself as the innovative technical solution for the Remodeling sector, in order to preserve the essence of the subject space before adapting it to nowadays needs in order to grant contemporaneous aesthetic benefits with its extraordinary features.

NEOLITH: Design, Durability, Versatility, Sustainability